Not only does UK temporary car insurance (buy it here) provide short-term insurance for any car you can drive with a standard UK driving licence, it is always makes you downright irresistible to the opposite sex. Let's say you are a lad with plans with a nice young lady for the weekend. You have a nice outfit. You have money for a decent restaurant. You have money for the movie. You look out of the window and see your poor excuse for a car and realize there's something you are missing. So, you call up your brother, who has a car that is totally wasted on him since he is already married and is way past the need to impress stage, and ask him to borrow his car for the weekend.

Your brother is happy to loan you the car. If you weren't preoccupied with deciding on which tie to wear with the dress shirt you found on sale at the discount store you would be a little suspicious. After all, your brother isn't known for giving up his prized possession that easily. What you don't know is that your brother has a little extra protection on his side. Short-term car insurance or a weekend insurance policy from allows you to cover additional drivers on your vehicle for a brief period of time without putting the no-claims bonus on the main car insurance policy at risk.

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So, you go to your brother's house to pick up the car, still a little suspicious but too busy checking your breath to really care. You hop into your brother's car and go to pick up your date, whom you've never met. It's a blind date that your best friend set for you because he was tired of hearing you complain about how you're going to be 30 (putting you in the 24-75 year age range to be eligible for temporary car insurance in the UK) and still have not found the right one while sucking down enough beers to make Lindsay Lohan seem like a light drinker. Your friend never said the words "she has a good personality," so you figure you have at least a 50/50 chance she'll be human.

You go to pick up your date in your brother's shiny new car. She walks out to greet you after two honks, so you figure that she's not too desperate. She comes to the car, looking reasonably attractive. The date goes reasonably well. You don't need details, we're talking about insurance here. At the end of the evening, you drop her off. Before she leaves the car she tells you that four kids would be nice and an August wedding works for her.

You tell her that you can't make the plans you had for tomorrow. However, you're not ready to return the car just yet. The next day you drive to the beach and find a lovely lady who lets you put suntan lotion on her back and you make plans for later that night with your fingers crossed. There you have it, a weekend of fun with the opposite sex thanks to UK temporary car insurance.

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